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About Us

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" is on a mission to provide innovative and environmentally-friendly products that nurture the mind, the body and the spirit. Our aim is to improve well-being and to enable health and vitality in multiple aspects of your life.

Our team is made up of specialists in health and wellness, yoga professionals, entrepreneurs and designers. Together we create unique and truly effective eco-friendly health products. We're passionate about combining ancient wisdom, pure materials and beautiful aesthetics to create products that satisfy the needs of health-conscious individuals around the world.

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" has a vision is to help individuals to discover their inner power; casting aside perceived barriers and manifesting a chosen state of being. We form a bridge between past, present and future. Ancient practices - modern technologies - and the colors and patterns of nature - combine to create innovative products that look elegant and have transformative effects on the body.

Nature informs our design-process. We are inspired and educated - by its many symmetries, forms, colors and wisdom - to create beautiful products that engage all the senses.

Pranamat ECO is produced by "Pranamat Fabrika" SIA. "Pranamat Sales & Marketing" SIA have exclusive rights to sell and distribute all products by "Pranamat Fabrika" SIA. Legal information:

"Pranamat Sales & Marketing" SIA
Reg.Nr.: 40103940495
Legal and physical address:
29B Mukusalas street, Riga
LV-1004, Latvia Phone: (+371) 67780780
(8:00-16:00 GMT business days)
Fax. (+371) 67780781
E-mail: [email protected]