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Dr. Bradley Schaeffer

05 January, 2019

Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Anyone suffer from headaches this time of year?!?! Although the holidays are awesome they can also be stressful! The Pranamat works to help with headaches - it accelerates the blood flow which leads to the dilation of blood vessels and muscle tension relief - consequently, Pranamat is a fast and effective way to ease headaches! I love this mat & pillow and know it has helped me out during this time of year!


Rebecca Papa-Adams

21 December, 2018

Yoga Teacher

I wanted to share a little information for those asking me about Pranamat: - Pranamat works to improve blood circulation and lymph flow causing better oxygen supply, and in the end leading to the better skin elasticity and texture. - Be prepared to ease into it, consisting of acupressure like surface it takes time to get used to it. I started using it wearing a T-Shirt so that my skin wasn’t bare. After a few sessions I was completely fine and loved the feeling. - Pranamat is suitable for everyone not only yogis or gym bunnies but also for pregnant ladies and mums. - Helps to boost energy. -Helps to release tension and muscles. I would recommend 10 minutes a day to see results. - Pranamat is long term effective investment strongly recommended to those who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, driving, carrying babies , or struggle sleeping. -Helps to minimise pain in legs and minimize cellulite. - Oh and did I mention they are ECO friendly!


Nina Gabriela

22 November, 2018

Nutritionist BHSc

Self care. To me, that’s about making time for the things that help me feel my best both physically and mentally. And one part of that is using my Pranamat Massage Set. The acupressure mat&pillow helps improve blood flow to the muscles, to reduce pain + soreness, and promote recovery. Even just 10-15 minutes a day on my Pranamat makes such a difference in reducing back pain from sitting too much. I also love that it’s ethically made + eco-friendly, made in Europe and has a heap of science (and ancient wisdom) to back it up. It’s those little things you do every day that make ALL the difference to our health and wellbeing, so I make them my priority!


Erica Wigdor

16 October, 2018

Internal Medicine Physician

“Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax.” ⠀ One of the things I use to help me revitalize and restore energy is my Pranamat massage mat and pillow. Aside from my usual bath, book, walk on the beach, or meditation , the Pranamat really does a great job of giving me the extra energy I need to get through a busy work week . For those of you who haven’t seen one before, the mat and pillow are made up of lotus flowers with prickly petals that give you an all over acupressure massage . This promotes blood flow to those areas, increases oxygenation to the muscles, and increases endorphin release (which makes you happy). Basically, the Pranamat has been shown to relieve stress, back spasms, muscle pain, headaches, and fatigue, AND improve sleep quality as well . Yes the flowers are sharp, but they honestly hurt so good. I usually use mine for 15-20 minutes after every gym session, and have noticed faster muscle pain recovery.


Dr. Hina J. Cheema, MD

05 July, 2018


It has been life-changing so far as it helps to relieve my backpain and stress so easily and effectively. This mat & pillow set provides you acupressure massage by digging into your cells and muscles with thousands of petals or spikes. This improves your local blood and lymph flow, also oxygenates your cells and triggers endorphins which makes it a natural painkiller. I perform surgeries one day a week. My schedule is usually packed with back to back surgeries. Which I LOVE, because I absolutely love operating. However, it does take a toll on my back. I used to just go to my call room after every surgery (of course, after the coffee ) to lie down. It was helpful but never enough. #Pranamat has become my personal masseur which I can use whenever. I still go back to my call room to lie on this but 15 min of it works magic on my back. I wish I had it postpartum!


Dzintra Vavere

01 April, 2018

A specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

I highly recommend daily use of the Pranamat ECO massage mat. Clinical trials carried out by the Experimental Medicine Institute together with the University Hospital at the University of Latvia has proven the health benefits of the application of this product. The Pranamat ECO massage mat is recommended for patients with chronic back pain, people with sleep disorders, and all those who want to strengthen their bodies in general. It has many acupressure points and massages the back deeply, providing pleasant warmth and tingling throughout the massaged area. I use the mat myself when I want to have a rest after work.


Brittany Cavaco

21 March, 2018

Pro Ballet Dancer

My Pranamat massage set literally saves me every day. My spine and back muscles work really hard accumulating lots of tension. I'm so happy that Pranamat has become a great and easy way to deal with pain and stress. The lotus flowers petals have spiked tips that not only bring oxygen, endorphins and blood flow to your muscles but it also helps release and soften your weary body and mind. I've used mine every single day after work since I've gotten it!


Andrea Taylor

10 May, 2018

Yoga Teacher

I have always said that the main part of massage that is so healing is the increase in blood flow. Promoting circulation and bringing more blood into the muscles and tissues helps your body heal and repair, and can help to speed up recovery! After 5-10 minutes laying on my @pranamat and pillow, I not only can feel the dramatic increase in circulation, but I can see it too! My back will appear red (don’t worry it goes away in 10 min or so!) as a result of the increased bloodflow, and I will start to feel a lot of warmth and maybe even some tingling as I’m laying on it!


Jaime Sanders

31 October, 2017

Migraine Expert

Every time I use the PranaPillow during a migraine attack, I get extended relief that I normally do not get with using just medication alone. Oftentimes, I will fall asleep while using it because it relaxes me so much. Not only do I experience less pain, I also sleep better. I get the same results as if I were going to get a massage, which is awesome! There are times when I am in a middle of a migraine attack and the pain is focused around my eyes and forehead only. I will use the PranaPillow and as soon as I lay on it I feel the pain and soreness in my occipital area that wasn't there before. Sometimes the source of the migraine pain isn't clear until I use my PranaPillow. Being able to target the right areas helps to relieve the pain a lot easier and quicker.