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Jennifer Blakney

29 May, 2018

Facebook 5* Star Review

At first, lying on it was more than bizarre - not only was it uncomfortable, but it felt like my skin was crawling, and I would need to sit up every few minutes to take a break. However, it's worth pushing through this phase because eventually it subsides and a comfortable warmth takes over. I've fallen asleep on it almost every time! My partner calls it my "needle nap" and has remarked that my mood is noticeably improved because my neck and back pain have been reduced by almost 80% in just a 20-40 minute sitting. I'm actually sitting on it right now as I type this and can already feel my mid-back tightness release from a tough workout this morning.


Alissa Nicole Green

08 May, 2018

Facebook 5* Review

I’ve been using my Pranamat and pillow for about three months now and I’m absolute in love! I had my first baby in January. After some research I found Pranamat. I originally decided to purchase it to help alleviate aches from breastfeeding (which has been incredibly helpful) and over the past three months I have used it to alleviate my migraines (which I have had for over 20 years), before bed to get a restful nights sleep, in the morning to ground myself (I love stepping on the mat and feeling all the tension release out my out my feet), and anytime during the day whenever I need to relax and rejuvenate!! I highly recommend the Pranamat and pillow! I just wish I could have bought my mat when they were doing the handheld mat special! I would love to have a handheld Pranamat to take with me on the go! So if you are on the fence about the mat, go for it! It’s worth every penny!!!


Augustė Augustinaitė

30 April, 2018

Instagram Review

My happy place after work and training. When I get back home after 8 hours in the office, most of the time I feel dead and either my neck, my back or my head is hurting. The last thing I want to do is sports, the first - pizza.
I use @pranamat massage set for various purposes - as an energizing program (on my feet and palms) to get my energy back after work and as a muscle relaxation program to relax the muscles & reduce aches and tension after training. It feels strange at first: the lotus petals press into your skin activating the blood circulation and oxygenating the area of application but then you get used to it, and it’s sooo relaxing!
You really forget all the problems, recharge your body and mind. It’s almost like running or even better, if we combine those two!


Julie Clark Mize

15 July, 2018

Facebook 5* Review

It has helped me sleep without lower back pain waking me up. I use it every night before bed for about 20-30 minutes. Tried it for about 5 minutes with my nightgown on the first night and decided I would just bite the bullet and go for it without anything between me and the lotus flower spikes. It immediately started feeling warm and as long as I stayed still it didn’t really hurt. It’s strangely relaxing. I’m obsessed with it now and I’ve only had it for 11 days. Now I look for other times of the day to use it. So glad I took the plunge and bought it.